The Bright Side of Life: Four Unbeatable Virtues of Organic Sunflower Oil

Andrew Prince

  According to Greek myth, the sunflower originated from a story of unrequited love: a water nymph named Clytie fell in love with Apollo, the god of the sun; she would spend her days with her face upturned, watching him drive his chariot of fire across the heavens. Apollo never acknowledged her love, instead in love with another nymph named Daphne who ironically did not return his love in turn. Clytie continued to watch Apollo as he passed through the sky, sitting on a rock for nine days without food and water—at which point, another Greek god took pity on...

Four Spectacular Ways to Incorporate Apricot Oil into Your Life

Andrew Prince

  Apricots: tiny, fuzzy, sunset-colored fruit that burst from their trees and ripen like manna from heaven. We’ve enjoyed them as a species for over 4,000 years, many of us never realizing that this fruit is a relative of the peach yet is also a member of the rose family. What we do know, however, is that the nutritional benefits of apricots are boundless, given that they are an extremely rich source of minerals that help fight against anything from asthma to anemia and from bronchitis to tuberculosis. Apricot kernels themselves are being researched as treatment to a number of...

Reveling in Avocado Oil: Six Powerful Ways Your Body Will Thank You

Andrew Prince

Within the past decade, you’ve likely been bombarded with the influx of articles and research that sing praises to the world’s greatest “superfoods”—a word that was added to the dictionary in the early 2000s to describe foods rich in extremely beneficial compounds including antioxidants and fibers. We’ve reintroduced, amongst them, a strange pear-shaped fruit called the avocado, and—more recently—the bright emerald elixir of avocado oil. “Reintroduced”, because we’ve been teaching each other about the plethora of benefits sourced from this food—something that many prior generations and ancient civilizations were well aware of. The fruit has an impressive history of cultivation...

Five Unexpected Reasons You Need More Grapeseed Oil in Your Life

Andrew Prince

Extracted from grape seeds as its name implies, grapeseed oil often emerges as a byproduct of the wine-making process during which the grape seeds themselves (otherwise discarded) can be profitably pressed to produce this potent oil. Since each seeds yields a tiny amount, commercialized grapeseed oil is usually extracted chemically, which has a minimal impact on its flavor (light, delicate, and with a delightfully subtle undertone of nuttiness). As most other essential oils, grapeseed oil brims with antioxidants, making it a spectacular formula for both culinary and cosmetic usage. Here are just five basic reasons you should seriously consider adding...

Simple and Sweet: Six Reasons to Add Sweet Almond Oil to Your Daily Routine

Andrew Prince

Simple and Sweet: Six Reasons to Add Sweet Almond Oil to Your Daily Routine As its name implies, sweet almond oil is a compassionate accomplice that will help you succeed in the effort to improve and perfect your beauty routine—from the roots of your hair to the tips of your toes. But this oil is not just a spectacular beauty enhancer; it also works wonders for the soundness and tonicity of your heart, memory, muscles, and metabolism. So, to clarify: sweet almond oil is sweet towards you, and downright vicious towards the dry skin, bad cholesterol, and carcinogens that it...



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