Castor Oil Pack for Liver Detox - 8 Piece Complete Kit. Includes 16oz Glass Bottle of Organic Castor Oil, Easy to use Castor Oil Compress with Adjustable Fit, 5 Soft Cotton Pads & Soothing Heat Pack.

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  • A Complete Kit for Liver Detoxification, Improved Immunity, Digestion, and More! Castor oil is also known for its detoxifying effects and can help to flush toxins from the body, promoting overall health and wellness. Our kit is a safe and natural way to support the body's natural detoxification processes. Discover the incredible benefits of our castor oil pack!
  • 16oz USDA Certified Organic Castor Oil in a Glass Bottle: Our complete kit includes a 16oz bottle of pure, certified organic castor oil that is cold-pressed and hexane-free, ensuring maximum purity and effectiveness.
  • Organic Unbleached Cotton Castor Oil Compress Wrap: Our pack is made from organic, unbleached cotton and is designed to provide maximum comfort and ease of use. It is soft, and flexible and can fit waists up to 52 inches. The wrap has a front zipper pocket, an ideal spot for the included heating pack. It is washable and reusable.
  • 5 Soft, Organic Cotton Pads: These soft pads offer a delicate touch to your skin, ensuring a comfortable and soothing experience. They are specially designed to be the perfect surface for applying castor oil directly to your skin, which helps to prolong the life of your compress.
  • Soothing & Relaxing Heat Pack: Our kit includes a soothing heat pack that can be used to provide targeted relief to help the castor oil absorb quicker or to soothe an upset stomach. The pack is microwaveable and reusable, making it a convenient and cost-effective solution.

RejuveNaturals Castor Oil Pack - An 8 Piece Complete Kit for Liver Detoxification, Improved Immunity, Digestion, and More!

Experience the powerful benefits of our Castor Oil Pack 8 Piece Kit, featuring a 16oz glass bottle of cold-pressed USDA certified organic castor oil renowned for detoxification, digestive health, and radiant skin. The kit also includes an adjustable, eco-conscious castor oil compress made of organic cotton and waterproof fabric, ensuring a mess-free application for waists up to 52 inches.

To enhance your treatment, we’ve added five soft, washable organic cotton pads with a waterproof middle layer and a soothing heat pack to boost circulation and relaxation. Perfect for pain relief, detox, or unwinding, secure your kit today and feel revitalized with the amazing benefits of organic castor oil!

Our 8 Piece Castor Oil Pack Kit includes:


  • 1x - 16oz USDA Certified Organic Castor Oil in a Glass Bottle: The epitome of purity, this cold-pressed castor oil is hexane & chemical free.
  • 1x - Castor Oil Pack Compress: A flexible cotton wrap with an adjustable fit to accommodate up to a 52-inch waist.
  • 5x - Organic Bamboo Cotton Pads: Exquisitely soft and skin-friendly, these pads extend the lifespan of your compress.
  • 1x - Soothing Heating Pack: A comforting accessory that enhances relaxation & oil absorption.


Unrivaled Quality with Our Durable, Castor Oil Pack Wrap and Washable, Reusable Cotton Pads


Your package includes five high-quality, washable organic cotton pads, specifically designed for your castor oil compress. Always position the unbleached natural cotton side of the cotton pad against your body, with the pure white, waterproof side facing the unbleached cotton side of the compress.

To use, apply 1-2 tablespoons of castor oil onto the unbleached cotton side of one of these pads, spread evenly with a spoon and place the pad onto the compress. Wrap the compress around your waist with the cotton pad on your right side and relax for 20-60 minutes each day, for four consecutive days. Feel free to trim the lengthy straps for a more personalized fit.

Please note: Castor oil will stain sheets & clothing.

The waterproof side of the cotton pads prevent leaks and maintains the cleanliness of the castor oil compress. You can use one cotton pad for four consecutive days before washing. Using a cotton pad each use can help extend the lifespan of your compress. After use, store the cotton pad in a ziplock bag or container. Wash the cotton pad with soap and water every four uses and hang dry. The castor oil compress also has a waterproof middle layer for added protection against leaks. Since you're not applying oil directly to the compress, it doesn't require frequent washing. Wash the compress once a month or as needed.

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