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Liquid Gold: The Magical Uses and Benefits Of Argan Oil

argan oil uses

argan oil benefitsArgan oil is the liquid gold you have been looking forward to satisfy a variety of cosmetic needs. This type of oil is extraordinary in every way. Picture the silky argan liquid hydrating your body with the greatest nourishment possible, that is lightweight and absorbs quickly. The magical uses of argan oil are endless, so discovering what this product can do for you is truly the best gift to yourself. Treat yourself right by making argan oil a prominent part of your beauty routine. You'll be so glad you did. It can replace a litany of jars, bottles, and creams you aren’t using anymore once you turn to argan oil to solve some of your biggest beauty issues. 

The benefits of this solitary oil have been used for centuries to beautify your hair, skin, and nails. By buying certified organic argan oil from a source like ours at RejuveNaturals, you are going to be getting top quality argan oil at a fraction of what many cosmetic companies will charge you for this unique oil. The many uses and benefits will astound you until you wondered how you ever lived without this amazing oil. Once you try argan oil, we guarantee you’ll be hooked for life. Make argan oil a vital part of any beauty regimen for results that will transcend any ordinary moisturizer.





The History of Argan Oil

Argan oil has been used for centuries because it comes from a very specific part of the world. It’s native to Morocco where the first recorded uses of the oil were around 3000 years ago. The tree itself flourishes in the southwestern part of the country where the goats that are indigenous to the area feast on its fruit. The goats even climb up the trees to get at this tasty treat! The fruit itself is fleshy, looking almost like a large fig, but once the goats consume it, they leave behind the hard argan nut. That’s the part which is turned into the luscious oil by the Berber women of the area. These industrious women discovered that once it was processed by hand it could be used in a variety of ways. Namely as a food source for recipes and cooking, cosmetics, and it's even used for medicinal purposes.

Luckily the argan tree has a long life span to produce its rare argan fruit. Trees usually live up to 200 years, so having argan trees in the area has been an economic boon to the region. Plus, since 1998 the trees are protected by the Biosphere Reserve By Unesco to protect them from the deforestation that threatens their livelihood. As you'll soon see, there are a million reasons to protect this valuable tree. 

How It’s Harvested

The harvesting of the argan trees’ offerings has allowed the Berber women to capitalize on this precious oil. The way that it’s harvested is that the nut is gathered from the argan fields, and then brought it to start the process of extraction. The extraction of the oil gets at least 30-50 percent of the oil out from the kernel. The process is not an easy one. The oil must be taken by hand, which requires hours of work. One liter of oil usually takes up to 8 hours of significant labor.

  The Berber women usually sit around in a big circle, tending to large piles of the kernels getting the oil out of each and every one. They hit each kernel against a large rock before it goes into smashing the pulp, and grinding out the oil into a paste. Finally the oil is extracted from the paste by hand into the final simple product. That amazing oil. The women who complete this difficult work, do have the added benefit of having extraordinarily soft hands. It has also allowed them the economic freedom to live a good life by supporting their families and being the ones behind the base production of this artisan oil.

Argan Oil For Your Face 

argan oil for your face
The reason that argan oil is so beneficial for skin care is that it’s chock full of antioxidants and vitamin E. Some even say it’s the key to eternal youth. Plus, it has an unparalleled amount of omega-3 fatty acids and linoleic acids that are highly sought after in skin care products. Linoleic is considered an omega-6 fatty acid, which has anti-inflammatory and moisture binding benefits. It can also protect the skin against free radical damage in the environment, and allows it to be thoroughly hydrated. One of the best uses for argan oil is as a daily moisturizer. After you cleanse your skin, while it’s still damp, pat 5 or 6 drops of the oil directly onto the face and around the eye area. It’s can be used on even the most sensitive skin. You can use argan oil alone in place of your regular moisturizer, or you can layer the product with other serums, creams, and lotions for superior skin care hydration.

It can help soothe dry, flaky skin, rosacea, and even acts as a skin toner to balance out the pH levels of the skin after cleansing. Another way to utilize this magical oil is as a nighttime treatment. Your skin renews itself at night, so applying a thicker layer of the argan oil is going to allow its healing properties to work overnight. You’ll be amazed at how much softer and smoother your skin will be when you wake up in the morning. It’s similar to using an anti-aging mask that boosts the moisture level in your skin by infusing the right kind of hydration. Don’t worry about argan oil clogging your pores. It’s comedogenicity rating is quite low. Other oils can clog pores, such as coconut or olive oils, but argan oil has a low comedogenic rating of a “0.” The scale goes up to 5, so the higher the rating the more likely it will clog your pores. As you can see, argan has an excellent rating that will assure you it’s non-comedogenic.

 An Acne Solver Superhero

For people with acne, argan oil acts as an antibacterial to help get rid of cystic persistent acne spots. So don’t be afraid to use it on your face even if you have oily, or acne prone skin. It’s going to balance out your oil production to make it more normal. Sometimes people with oily skin have a dryer top layer, but the skin underneath is confused. So it keeps producing more oil, which isn't what you want. Applying a light layer of argan oil will help to curb oil production by balancing oil levels deep down.


Exfoliate With This Argan Treatment 


  Another way to use argan oil on your face is to help with exfoliation. You can easily make your own all natural exfoliator by combining a teaspoon of argan oil with sugar granules. The sugar when mixed with the argan oil, and applied to the face, allows the sugar to act as a smoothing scrub. Make sure the mixture has enough slip to runs smoothly all over your face, but avoid the eye area with the mixture. Scrub for at least 90 seconds to get the full exfoliation benefits. Then rinse thoroughly and apply a light layer of argan oil after. Your newly exfoliated skin needs the hydration, but you’ll find a new radiance that looks youthful and bright. Do this exfoliation treatment at least three times a week for maximum benefits.

The anti-aging benefits that argan oil will bring to you are numerous. It can help improve skin’s elasticity so that it looks plump and vibrant. As we age skin can lose collagen which contributes to fine lines and wrinkles. Argan oil can help to impart superior moisture to make those lines and wrinkles much less noticeable.

One of the last uses for the facial area is that if you get a touch of a sunburn, applying argan oil because it will help your sunburn heal much faster than just leaving the area alone.

Finally don’t forget your lips! Lips adore argan oil for a quick layer of moisture that helps to get rid of chapped lips. When used at night you’ll wake up to lips that are hydrated and lush. Flaky lips will be banished for good. Keep a little bottle in your handbag to apply throughout the day when you feel like your lips need an extra bit of love.


The Body Basics Of Argan Oil


Not only is argan oil so useful for your face, you can apply it all over your body for many different reasons. Obviously the superior hydration of the argan oil is going to soothe dry skin, but it can help in other ways too. The best way to use argan oil on your entire body is to apply a few drops to a carrier lotion that is unscented and fragrance free. You’ll love the nutty natural scent that argan oil will provide to your lotion. The lightweight oil will never feel tacky or heavy with your basic body lotion. That’s why so many women prize the argan oil for its extreme hydration, but non-sticky feel. By absorbing quickly it will allow your skin to feel radiantly beautiful and comforted.

Stretch marks can be prevented when applied daily during pregnancy. Plus, you can use it after the fact to diminish the appearance of already existing stretch marks, especially if they are the newer reddish kind that have just come up out of nowhere due to sudden weight gain.

Another way to use argan oil is to help with razor bumps and burns. Shaving can cause irritation for a number of reasons. Using the oil to soothe the skin afterwards can seriously help get rid of those unattractive red bumps. Legs, underarms, and anywhere you shave can quickly be calmed and the irritation eradicated in many parts of your body. Men can even use it on their beard area to prevent shaving irritation on a daily basis.


Hands and Feet Love Argan Oil Too


For hands and feet the argan oil will do wonders. It can replace regular hand cream for cracked, dry cuticles. You can also rub it into the nails to hydrate the nail bed. The same goes for your feet. Make them smooth and youthful again by applying copious amounts of the oil before bed each night, so you will wake up with softer feet. Place a thin pair of cotton socks on your feet at night to keep the oil on your feet, and not rubbing all over your bed sheets. No more cracked heels is just one of the many benefits to using it all over the body from head to toe.


Serious Skin Issues Solved  

For more serious issues, argan oil can help as well. People with psoriasis and eczema can benefit from using the oil on a regular basis to calm red, inflamed skin. These are skin conditions characterized by dry, red, and scaly skin. Sometimes the patches can even appear silver or white in nature. It can occur anywhere on the body, but is especially prevalent on the knees, elbows, lower back, and scalp. Argan oil can work very well on any of these areas. Talk to your dermatologist before trying any form of at home treatment.


Hair Tips With Argan Oil


argan oil for your hairMany cosmetic companies are putting argan oil into their hair care products. You can easily use the pure version of it at home for a variety of hair treatments. After you get out of the shower, smooth a few drops through the ends of your hair to help fight frizz. This is especially a helpful tip for those that live in a humid environment. The argan oil will seal the hair’s cuticle, therefore making it stay sleeker and not puffing up with the humidity in the air. For those that blowout their hair with a blow dryer and round brush, the argan oil helps your hair to stay frizz free for longer periods of time.

You can also count on argan oil as a leave-in-conditioner after you shampoo your hair. Once again, apply a few drops before you style your hair to deeply nourish it instantly. It will also act as a heat protectant when you use various hot tools on your hair, such as the flat- iron, curling rod, or blow dryer. The argan oil protects the hair by providing a barrier against the damaging heat elements while you style.

You can also use some in your hair before you head out into the sun for long periods of time. It will help prevent your hair color from fading. Another way to protect the hair is as a deep conditioner. Before you shampoo your hair, apply a generous amount of the oil and allow it to soak in for a few hours. Or you can work a few tablespoons into your hair while you sleep. Just coat thoroughly, and use a shower cap to protect your pillowcases from the oils spreading while you sleep. Then just shampoo and style as you normally would for softer, smoother hair that is silky to the touch. Your hair will drink up the nourishing properties of the oil for flawless locks that look shiny and healthy. It can even benefit those with dry scalp or dandruff problems. Just rub a few drops of the oil into your scalp overnight and then rinse out in the morning. By feeding your scalp with the hydrating oils that the argan provides it will help to reduce flakes.

Do these types of treatments with the argan oil on a weekly basis, at least a few times a week for an improved quality in your hair and scalp. You’ll notice the difference right away, even after just the first time you use the oil.  

 How To Store Your Argan Oil

Since our certified organic argan oil at RejuveNaturals is virgin, cold pressed and preservative and paraben free you are going to want to store it away from hot temperatures, or direct sunlight. The bottle itself is amber glass which is darker to help protect the properties of the precious oil. Don’t ever purchase argan oil in a clear glass bottle. That’s not the best way to house the oil, since it can turn bad like that. So you’ll want to use up your bottle rather quickly, which won't be a problem since there are so many fantastic ways to use argan oil. Once you open a bottle of argan oil, make sure you use it up within 6 months time.

Something To Note About Argan Oil

The only people who can’t use argan oil are those with severe nut allergies. Some people who are highly allergic have discovered they are unable to use the product, but that is a very small percentage of the population. Since the oil is extracted from the nut of the argan tree’s fruit, it could cause an allergic reaction similar to the symptoms you might have with other allergy triggers. Feel free to test patch argan oil before you apply it in larger quantities anywhere on your body. The inside of your arm is a good test spot for this reason. Or talk to your allergist if you know you are sensitive to certain cosmetic products.

Where To Buy The Best Argan Oil 


where to buy argan oil

When you purchase the highest quality argan oil from RejuveNaturals you are getting a product we completely stand behind. It’s also certified organic by the USDA and ECOCERT. We sell it in large 4 oz bottles. You can sign up for our subscription service to schedule delivery every 1-3 months and get a 5 percent savings on your order. Once you start using this miraculous oil, you are never going to want to stop!

We know you are going to adore everything argan oil can do for your entire body, so order a few bottles today to get you started on the cosmetic oil you have been dreaming about. Keep one on your bedside table, in the bathroom cabinet, and in your handbag for argan treatments wherever you may go. Trust in RejuveNaturals to bring you the best argan oil available in its purest form.