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USDA Certified Organic Castor Oil - 16oz Glass Bottle
Organic Castor Oil
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Welcome to RejuveNaturals

Your Journey to Natural Wellness Starts Here

the story

Our Heartfelt Beginning

The seed of RejuveNaturals was planted during our founder, Andrew Prince's time at ASU, where he delved into the world of biochemistry. This academic journey laid the groundwork for our humble beginnings. Faced with the challenge of acne, Andrew applied his biochemistry expertise to develop our pioneering product: the Vitamin C+ serum.

This marked the start of our deeper exploration into the realm of organic and natural wellness solutions, spanning skincare, haircare, and overall body health.

Each product we offer is infused with the spirit of innovation and a commitment to harnessing nature's purest gifts, blending scientific knowledge with our commitment to natural health.

Our Promise

Honoring Nature in Every Creation

Our philosophy is heartfelt and simple: to craft products that are safe, effective, and authentically natural. Our approach to sourcing is unique - we choose small batches from ethical, organic farms. Our range, from organic oils to vitamin serums, is created with a deep reverence for nature’s healing power and purity.

Signature Products

Crafted with Love

At the core of our collection are two signature products, each with its own story.

Our Organic Castor Oil, a key player in our founder's battle against acne, is renowned for its ability to cleanse, soothe dry sensitive skin, and reduce redness.

Our Organic Vitamin E Oil complements this, offering deep hydration and exceptional scar-reducing properties.
Together, these products embody our commitment to natural healing and skincare.


Our Promise

Uniquely RejuveNaturals

Our direct partnerships with small, organic farms and ethical suppliers distinguish us. We don’t just create; we innovate. Every ingredient is chosen for its exceptional quality. Our non-deodorized oils provide a genuine experience, offering their natural, untouched scents. This distinctive approach has endeared us to our customers, as seen in our glowing reviews.

Our mission

Making a Difference, One Bottle at a Time

Since our inception in 2015, RejuveNaturals has won the hearts of nearly a million customers. This is a reflection of the trust and satisfaction our natural skincare, haircare, and wellness products have garnered. Our impact is measured not just in sales, but in the trust and contentment of those who join us on their wellness journey.


Vision for Tomorrow

Rooted in Nature

Our future is clear - to continue being pioneers in natural, organic wellness for families everywhere. We are dedicated to creating unique, natural formulations that adhere to our ethos of being natural, organic, and free from harmful chemicals.

Our Commitment to Quality and Trust

Every RejuveNaturals product symbolizes our unwavering commitment to quality and ethical practices. Produced in FDA-approved facilities, our vegan, GMO-free products meet the highest manufacturing standards. With our cruelty-free approach and 100% satisfaction guarantee, we promise a rewarding and enriching experience with our products

We partner directly with small farms to source ingredients that are not only exceptionally fresh but also truly organic.

Our hands-on formulation approach ensures each product stands out with its unique purity and quality.

Real Stories, Real Results: Discover What Our Customers Say!

Risk-Free Shopping Made Easy

Your satisfaction is paramount. Enjoy a risk-free experience with our straightforward, hassle-free return policy.

If you're ever not completely satisfied with your purchase, we offer a simple, hassle-free return process. This is our commitment to you - a risk-free experience with our products.

No-Hassle Returns: Not fully satisfied? Return your product within 30 days in its original condition for a full refund.
Defective or Damaged? No Problem!: Receive a hassle-free exchange for any item that arrives defective or damaged.
Gift Returns Made Simple: Bought a gift? Recipients can easily return items marked as gifts in exchange for gift credit.

Join the RejuveNaturals Family and explore the transformative power of nature.

Together, let's embrace a life filled with health, wellness, and natural beauty.