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A Tried and True Original: Old School Castor Oil Has New Beauty Uses

When you think of castor oil, some old school uses come to mind. They aren’t exactly pleasant either. It’s been used for centuries as a digestive aid, which is a true fact. Your grandmother might have been an avid supporter of using it that way. Put all that away though because lately there has been a resurgence in its use for many beauty reasons. It’s practically a skin care and hair conditioning hero when used correctly.

It’s helpful to have certified organic castor oil that is cold pressed with no added fillers or chemicals. RejuveNaturals Certified Organic Castor Oil is the one you’ve been looking for. There is not a better time to use this tried and true original hydrator to make your beauty routine that much more effective. Our product has been certified by the USDA as organic, and it’s also ECOcert labeled, so you know you are getting the real deal. 100 percent pure castor oil is the only way to go in supplementing a beauty regimen for a host of issues. Here are some ways that castor oil is useful and beneficial for the body, skin, and hair.

The History Of Castor Oil

Castor oil is a part of the vegetable oil family. That’s because it comes from a seed called the “Ricinus Communis” plant, which is just the latin for castor oil plant. The plant itself is mainly grown in Africa, India, and some of the southeastern parts of the Mediterranean. It tends to thrive in warmer climates that get a heavy rainy season. As a cool tropical plant, the seeds it produces tend to look like beans, so many people confuse it with other bean based foliage. The seeds themselves if not processed and eaten raw are quite poisonous.The tree itself can grow to be quite large at 30-45 feet, being around for decades to provide its precious oils when harvested.

The way that many people discovered the useage has been dated all the way back to the Middle Ages, when it was used for medical reasons in Europe. The Egyptians also prized it as an anointing oil in beauty and cosmetic uses. The Greeks were able to use the oil in lamps because it burned much longer than many other oils at that time.

One of the first modern uses of castor oil was as a powerful medicinal laxative. That’s why most people’s connotation of the oil is unpleasant. Many were given it as a supplement when they were a child to get their digestive systems moving along quicker. Luckily there are so many other beauty based uses for it, that many people don’t use it as a digestive anymore.

How It’s Created

There are two ways of getting the precious oil out of the seed of the castor plant. One is by cold-pressing and the other is a heated method. The reason that RejuveNaturals uses only cold-pressed castor oil is that this method allows the oil to retain more of its natural antioxidants. When heat is applied it tends to break down the oils more. In cold pressing, the extraction method is a machine press that crushes up and grinds the seeds to get out every bit of the clear oil. The oil is separated from the remains of the seeds to produce the organic versions you can buy today.

Overall Benefits For Your Wellbeing

castor oil benefits
Castor oil has been proven to boost immune functioning within the body. It can also increase healing times when used internally or even topically. That’s probably why it’s also used in so many cosmetic products today. Check the ingredient listings on some common beauty products in your household and you’ll see it listed many times.

One of the other benefits for your well being is that castor oil has been known to increase your white blood cell count, which can help you fight infections and certain types of cancers. Your white blood cells help to kill bad bacteria within the body. By supporting the immune system this way, it also works with the lymphatic system in the body. This part of your body is complex because it's responsible for how all your blood vessels, lymph nodes, and organs associated with this type of tissue work within the body.

Your lymphatic system is one of the key components to continued good health. So using castor oil can be excellent for your overall wellness goals. Some other ways it supports good health is the following:


  • Boosts circulation.

  • Inhibits bad bacteria from growing.

  • Can heal skin infections.

  • Soothes skin disorders.

  • Heals acne.

  • Fights itchy skin due to allergies.

  • May induce labor.

  • Super hydrator.

  • Scalp stimulator.


Castor Oil For Your Face

castor oil face
As far as using castor oil for your face, you can’t find a product that does more than this one. Due to the fact that it’s rich in ricinoleic acid, it’s going to kill the bad bacteria that causes acid. So for those wishing to banish blemishes, it’s worth giving this oil a shot at improving your complexion. You can spot treat specific blemishes, or you can use a light layer all over your face once a day. Try this treatment at night after you cleanse to wake up with clearer skin.

Not only is this oil going to prevent and treat acne spots, but it can also reduce the appearance of old scars on your face. You know the ones that are pitted and never seem to go away? Castor oil is effective at smoothing out these unsightly marks. It can also break up the pigmentation on age spots or sun spots that have developed over time. As an anti-aging treatment castor oil can’t be beat. Not only will it take care of spots and uneven tone, but it can also hydrate fine lines and wrinkles making them appear much less noticeable. Plus, at less than $15 per bottle, it’s much more affordable than a litany of high end skin care treatments that are filled with promises that don’t deliver. Castor oil is an affordable way to attack aging on the face with a real solution.

Another way to use castor oil is around the eye area to minimize the appearance of dark circles. Doesn't everyone seem to have a problem with that? Whether it's due to lack of hydration by not drinking enough water during the day, too much salt, allergies, or even just a hereditary component, undereye circles are the bane of many people's existence. The reason to treat those circles with castor oil is that it's going to reduce the puffiness of the eye area. That’s also part of your lymphatic system. Dab a tiny bit around the eye area morning and night to see a significant improvement.


Deep Cleanse With Castor Oil

Another way to use castor oil is as a deep cleansing agent. Clogged pores, blackheads, and flaky dry texture are going to vanish when you deep clean with this multi-purpose oil. The way that you want to do this is by combining the castor oil with an exfoliation agent, like sugar or salt granules. Either one will work fine, just combine a tablespoon of the oil with enough granules to make a paste. Then apply to wet skin, and scrub for at least 90 seconds. That will effectively remove all the dead skin cells that are clogging your pores. Use this treatment at least three times a week for the most beneficial exfoliation. Don’t forget to hydrate after you do this with your regular moisturizer or even just the castor oil itself. That fresh skin underneath is going to be radiant, glowing, and with a brighter tone that is more perfect.


Body Uses Are Endless

As a body moisturizer it’s sublime. You can use it all by itself, or combine it without another hydrating oil like coconut oil. Use it daily all over your entire body and your skin will be softer, smoother, and free of many skin issues. It also helps to target newer and existing stretch marks, making them less visible in appearance. It’s even safe to use while pregnant to prevent stretch marks in the stomach area.

Another terrific reason to use it on the body is to help with arthritis conditions. By rubbing it into your inflamed joints it’s going to ease the swelling and reduce the painful symptoms of this very common condition. The wrists, knees, and back can especially benefit from this type of treatment. A great way to use it is by rubbing the oil into the affected area, and then applying a hot compress to help it absorb better. Do this a few times a week and achy sore muscles and joints will be greatly reduced.

For internal issues like constipation, there is no faster way to relief than castor oil. This time tested natural remedy is going to get your digestive system moving along smoothly. Consult with your doctor first before trying any internal remedies, but once the professionals give you the go ahead, it’s going to help chronic or temporary constipation. It will clean out the bad bacteria that is toxic in your system and can help with the constipation due to inflammatory bowel syndrome, crohn's disease, or colitis.


Feet Love Castor Oil

Not only will castor oil hydrate your feet, but if you are prone to different types of foot fungus, it’s going to get rid of that problem too. Toenail or foot fungus happens often with people who exercise a lot while wearing tennis shoes and sweaty socks. It may sound a little gross, but it's more common than you might think. Many people are embarrassed to talk about this issue, but you can easily treat it at home with castor oil.

All you have to do is apply a small amount to the foot area with a little bit of baking soda. You can even make your own foot spa by getting out a small basin that will fit both of your feet. Then fill the basin with three tablespoons of baking soda, and five drops of castor oil with the water. Let your tootsies soak for a full thirty minutes to get the most benefits out of the treatment. You’ll find that not only is your foot fungus cured, but the bath will also hydrate and reduce calluses on your feet. Cracked heels are a thing of the past, with your feet being one of the softest parts of your body once you get on board with using your castor oil.  


Serious Skin Issues Solved (Sunburn and Other Skin Injuries)

Some other serious skin issues that castor oil can treat is sunburn, windburn, or chapped skin. The anti inflammatory benefits of the oil are what is going to soothe that redness and pain from any of the above mentioned conditions. Mix the castor oil with coconut oil, or even aloe to treat the affected area.

Other skin conditions that may be helped by castor oil are skin infections and wounds. The oil is able to increase circulation and blood flow which is going to create a healing environment. You’ll be amazed at how much faster a simple cut will heal when this topical treatment is applied twice a day. Since RejuveNaturals is certified organic and all natural, you aren’t getting the artificial chemicals that are present in some over-the-counter wound treatments. Those sometimes make your skin injury even worse. Using an all natural treatment is going to allow your body’s better defenses to work in conjunction with this amazing oil.

 Hair Guide To Using Castor Oil

Now that we’ve demonstrated the numerous ways you can use castor oil inside and out for body wellness, let’s look to what this oil can do for your tresses. Hair care can be a frustrating endeavor for many people. Keeping it healthy, soft, frizz free, and easy to style are just a few of the wish list requirements in making your hair be all that it can be. Beautiful hair can be difficult and confusing to attain. There are so many hair care products out there that are chock full of chemicals that they are actually hurting your hair, scalp, and follicles. Using an all natural hair care method is going to allow your hair to be at its best.

One of the best ways to utilize castor oil is as a deep hair conditioner. The omega-6 fatty acids in the oil are what makes it a superior conditioning agent. Just apply 5-10 drops to your hair, towel dried and clean. Then leave it on for at least 30 minutes. That will give it enough time to penetrate the hair shaft to hydrate. You can even wrap your head in a warm towel as a heated treatment to allow the oil to really soak through your strands. Then just rinse and style as usual. It’s just that easy to treat your hair well with this hair mask once or twice per week as needed.

You can also encourage hair growth by massaging a couple of tablespoons of the oil into your scalp while in the shower. Then just rinse out. Dandruff and flakes are going to be greatly reduced using this all natural scalp treatment. Plus, your hair will flourish using this time tested remedy for hair loss.  


How To Store Castor Oil

You can store castor oil in your home as long as it’s not hotter than 75 degrees. If you live in a hotter environment without central air in the summer, you might want to store your oil in the refrigerator. That way it won’t degrade from the heat. It’s not a very fragile oil like some others, but at RejuveNaturals we store our castor oil in an amber bottle to protect it from heat and light elements. Darker bottles are just a better way to store any oil in general. It offers a better, protective barrier against environmental factors that may harm it causing it to turn bad.  


A Note About Internal Use and Allergies

The adult dosage for internal use is one teaspoon per day. Always check with your doctor before using castor oil internally. It’s recognized by the US FDA as being safe to use topically and when taken orally. Be warned though that taking too much by mouth may cause excessive diarrhea, or stomach cramping, so just be careful.

It’s also been used for a long time to induce labor. Check with your OB/GYN before you try this type of treatment once you are full term in your pregnancy.

As far as topical treatment, most people’s skin don’t have a problem with the oil. It’s not considered a nut oil, but a vegetable oil so you don’t have to worry about nut allergies with castor oil. That’s why many people turn to it for a safe and effective body hydrator.


Where To Buy Castor Oil


RejuveNaturals is your one stop shop for a variety of all organically certified oils, including castor. Never tested on animals, it’s sold in a four ounce bottle that is easy to use, gmo-free, and 100 percent natural. You can save 5 percent on each bottle you buy if you sign up for a monthly subscription service. That way your precious oils will be delivered to your door every one to four months to have for all your beauty reasons. Plus, with your first order, become a VIP by signing up for our email list and you’ll get 10 percent off your first order.

Once you explore what castor oil can do for your entire body, you’ll never go back to conventional products again.