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A Multi-faceted Fraction: Fractionated Coconut Oil as an Everyday Miracle-Worker

Coconut oil has long been heralded as a superfood and a key ingredient for revitalizing the body, inside and out. True to its name, fractionated oil is a precious fraction of the oil remaining after the process of removing long-chain fatty acid triglycerides, resulting in a residue of extremely saturated oil.[i] Fractionated coconut oil, due to its drastically improved antioxidant and disinfectant properties—thanks to the increased concentration of Caprylic (C8) and Capric acid (C10)—is also characterized by its greatly increased stability, a longer shelf life (usually up to five years), and its rancidity resistance even in the face of heat and light.[ii]

All of these advantages notably increase this oil’s value in relation to unprocessed virgin oils, and can further justify fractionated coconut oil’s many uses…


Around the house…

  • Why spend money and energy hunting down the perfect wood furniture polish—which, no matter what, will always smell worse than what the cat dragged in and will pollute your home with chemicals—when you can make your own in less than a minute? With an 8-ounce glass container, mix: 20 drops of lemon essential oil, ½ cup distilled water, and 1/3 cup fractionated coconut oil. Dab a corner of your microfiber cloth and gently polish the wood surface.
  • Combined with lemon essential oil, fractionated coconut oil is ideal for cleaning paint brushes and makeup brushes We can’t always see them, but oil (from our faces), dirt, and germs fester on our makeup supplies, resulting in clogged pores and breakouts; DIY has never been more simple, more pure, and more effective. A fractionated coconut oil cleanse not only purifies your brushes—it also keeps them soft and flexible, increasing their lifespan.
  • Add a few drops on the face of your plant leaves—whether they’re real or artificial—and give your plants a radiant glow. Especially convenient when you’ve got guests coming over in half an hour and the household foliage is looking a bit glum; it’s a tiny detail that can really cheer up your space!
  • Kids delightedly attacking the walls with crayons again? Don’t run to the to replace the wallpaper just yet. Rub a bit of fractionated coconut oil over the crayon marks, let it soak for about ten minutes, then wipe off your makeshift crayon remover with a clean dry cloth. No harm, no foul.
  • Driving around with a dirty dashboard? We’ve all been there. It’s tricky to use feather duster without choking on all the raised dust, plain water doesn’t seem to cut it, and hopefully the regular household cleaning products are getting you choked up (because carcinogens, by the way). All you need is a rag and a bit of fractionated coconut oil to give your car an immediate glow: voila—your own dashboard cleaner!

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Flavor without a fuss.

While tasteless and odorless in and of itself, fractionated coconut oil can keep cooking easy, nutritious, and delicious. It isn’t as commonly used for cooking and baking as other types of coconut oil, since it has lower levels of lauric acid and other healthy fatty acids (in comparison to virgin coconut oil, for instance), but it certainly can be. It’s just one more way to obtain its benefits and enjoy some of the convenience it provides; it stays liquid even when refrigerated—a useful fact for people living in colder environments and who are tired of chiseling away at solid chunks of frozen oil before being able to use them. Apart from its commendable stability, there’s also the benefit of a longer shelf life and its untainted taste, absent of impurities; you’ll often find it as an ingredient in more specialized diets and medicines.[iii]

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Healthy, Lovely, Easy, Breezy…

Fractionated coconut oil combines the best of coconut oil’s potential: it mixes well with other oils in beauty products (i.e. the perfect carrier oil!), easily and quickly penetrates the skin, and moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin without clogging pores. “More like butter than cream”, it maintains its liquidity at room temperature, softens easily with a bit of warmth, and retains its absorbent and smooth properties.[iv] As such, it’s been heralded as a most nourishing substitute to your top shelf moisturizer, hair conditioner, and ache spot treatment. True? Absolutely, if you choose the quality of your coconut oil with enough care and insight. As with anything, you’ll need to choose wisely in the spectrum of options; used correctly, fractionated coconut oil’s rich, nourishing, and lightweight texture will leave you feeling hydrated and vibrant every time.

  • Apply a bit of fractionated coconut oil to soften your nail cuticles when dry or before a manicure.
  • It’s an excellent, non-greasy, and extremely nourishing choice to opt for when going for an aromatherapy massage.
  • Dilute fractionated coconut oil and massage gently to soothe, soften, and heal sensitive, dry, or hurt skin.
  • Apply a few drops to a Q-tip or cotton-ball and use the oil as an organic makeup remover.
  • Apply a bit of the oil to your damp hair and massage it into your scalp; comb or finger through your hair to distribute the oil evenly. Ideally, let your hair soak up your makeshift conditioner for at least 30 minutes, then shampoo and rinse it out with warm water. After your shower, you can even spritz a few drops throughout your hair to illuminate it beautifully with a bit of extra shine.

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Gentle balm for your wounds.

A healthy fat in and of itself, the fractionated type of coconut oil is chock-full of medium-chain fatty acids that are a direct source of energy and can turbocharge the immune system and metabolism.[v] Fractionated coconut oil is a quick remedy for rashes (including diaper rash—surely every baby’s nightmare), dry skin, and hot spots. It promotes the production of collagen, which helps to repair skin cells and leads to faster healing. Its antibacterial components also help prevent infections in small lacerations and cuts.[vi] Due to its moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties, it is equally fantastic for preventing acne, smoothing chapped lips, and soothing sunburns.

Sounds too good to be true? Almost, but not really. It’s just back to the blissful organic basics, the way Mother Nature has been rooting for all along. That’s not to say that you should go around your house lugging a jar of fractionated coconut oil and start swigging it down by the spoonful. Apart from the possibility of unwarranted side-effects and allergies—as with any product—you need to remember that all good things come with an optimal portion size.

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