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Neem Oil: A Multi-Tasking Anti-Aging Oil -- That Even Fights Pests

If you have already discovered the many uses of all natural oils, then you should definitely try neem oil. Have you heard of this wondrous oil? Neem oil is the multi-tasker that is best able to tackle a variety of skin, hair, and anti-aging issues that we face. You are certainly going to want to add this product to your beauty regimen because it’s extraordinary in every way possible. Buying the highest quality version of neem oil should be your top priority with this oil due to the fact that the way that it’s made varies per company. A company you can trust in to give you terrific organic cold pressed oils is RejuveNaturals. We pride ourselves on up front manufacturing of oils that are USDA organic, ECOCERT certified, pesticide and GMO-free. It doesn’t get any better than a bottle of the real true neem oil, or any of the other oils we produce, such as argan oil, of tamanu oil. Discovering all the methods to use these precious oils is truly a great gift to yourself. Amp up your beauty game by exploring everything that neem oil will do for you and your family.

The History Of Neem Oil

neem oil benefits

 oil itself comes from the neem tree. This evergreen, tropical tree is only able to thrive in certain climates like India. This is where most of the trees originate. Today there are many trees growing in at least 30 different countries. Asia, and South America have a significant population of the trees that thrive in very hot temperatures. It can even survive in up to 100 degrees, if it has to. As a tough tree that produces a little fruit that resembles an oil is where the oil is pressed from. The kernel or seed of the neem tree is fairly small, about the size of an olive pit. Each fruit can have a one seed, or a few within each fruit.

One of the best parts about the tree for growers is that it doesn’t have to be planted in perfect soil. Dusty, dry soil will even work and the tree actually improves the soil it lives in over time. So environmentally speaking it’s very beneficial to grow neem trees. The Neem Foundation estimates that most trees can live up to 150-200 years. That’s a long life span luckily to produce their amazing oils. The Neem Foundation is a great supporter of the neem oil cause with their non-profit work. They were created in 1993 at a world conference to figure out the best ways to support growers of the neem tree. They realized the inherent value of this useful tree and what it can bring to growers of it in economically unstable countries. Thus by buying neem oil from a trusted provider, like RejuveNaturals, you are contributing to many countries economic wellness.

How The Oil Is Processed

neem oil uses
 trees don’t produce their fruit until they are at least four years old. The fruit comes out once or twice per year depending on how wet the climate is. They do survive very well in drought prone areas, but will give off more fruit with natural rain occurring often. People then harvest the fruit by shaking the trees, or just pulling it off the branches. The yellow colored fruit is very small, only about 2 cm in length and the seed or seeds inside are brown. In some places the fruit itself is eaten by birds, so you can find clean seeds just laying around under the trees to be picked up by workers.

The pulp from the fruit of the seed needs to be separated very quickly, in order to then dry out the seeds for industrial use. It takes a few days for the seeds or kernels to dry out. Then they are crushed to produce a brown paste. Water is usually added to spur on the process. Once this mixture is worked on by hand over a period of hours, the natural oils start to seep out. It’s a slow process that required tons of man work when originally created. Now there are special machines that cold press the oil and make the creation of the product much easier for all involved in the process.


Neem Oil For Your Face

neem oil for skin
As an anti-aging powerhouse it doesn’t get any more effective than neem oil. The fatty acid content in Omega-3, 6, and 9 mean that this oil is ripe with anti-oxidants. This oil can be used in a variety of ways to fight the visible signs of aging. It easily helps promote skin cell turnover which tends to slow down as we age naturally. That includes fine lines, deeper wrinkles, dehydrated skin, and age spots. It will also protect the skin against damaging free radicals in the environment that are caused by pollution. As a natural barrier the oil is able to fight off the consequences of external factors. With its anti-bacterial properties it also tones the skin to prevent acne breakouts naturally. So many people who experience chronic acne conditions can be greatly aided by adding neem oil to their skin care regimen.

All you have to do is apply a light layer of the oil on the skin at night. It works for all different types of skin from oily skin to dry. So no matter what your facial skin concern is, neem oil is going to address it in spades. You can count of the nourishing properties of this beneficial oil as an important part of your skin routine. It’s also fragrance and alcohol free, so even people with sensitive skin can use neem oil without having to worry about added irritation.


Hyper-pigmentation Is Reduced

neem oil rosacea hyper pigmentation
Another excellent benefit to neem oil is that it’s going to break up hyper-pigmentation in the skin. So that includes reducing the appearance of age spots, sun spots, or even liver spots. These unsightly spots can be brown, gray, or even black in appearance. They can range in shape and size usually appearing in adults over 50. They can appear earlier if you have a ton of sun damage. Using neem oil as a treatment is going to help decrease how the spots look on the skin. If you are committed to getting rid of them, use the neem oil daily as a nighttime treatment. Then just make sure you practice proper sun protection during the day by wearing an SPF of at least 30. That way the spots won’t return as quickly with this proven method of treatment and protection.


Homemade Hydrating Mask 

Neem oil has such a high concentration of fatty acids that it’s going to be a top notch super hydrator. You can easily make a mask with your neem oil at home that is far superior and less costly than anything you buy at those high end skin care counters. Mix five drops of your RejuveNaturals Certified Organic Neem Oil with a teaspoon of honey, and one quarter of an avocado. Mash all three ingredients into a paste and gently apply all over the face. Leave this mask on for 15-20 minutes to considerably boost skin’s hydration levels. Your face after this treatment is going to feel silky smooth to the touch. You’ll find that with this treatment twice per week, your skin will be radiant and glowing. Plus, your makeup will go on smoother because your skin won’t be flaky and dry anymore.


Neem Oil Is Your Body Solution

Not only is neem oil a facial skin dream product, but for your body it’s going to work wonders as well. There are so many body treatments you can do with neem oil. For starters you can use it all over the body just as a regular skin oil. After the shower or bath, while your skin is still damp, slick on a layer of neem oil. It’s going to trap moisture into your skin so it’s supple and soft.

With serious skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea it’s also going to soothe inflammation and reduce the redness. Most of these autoimmune skin conditions are very troubling for a person to deal with. Having all natural remedies can sometimes help more than anything else you do. Scaly dry patches from any of these conditions is going to be much better off after you start using neem oil on a regular basis. You’ll find that your skin is responding to the neem oil in a way that other products don’t even come close to.


Hands and Feet Crave Neem Oil

neem seed oil anti fungal toe nail fungus
As an anti-fungal neem oil is far better than most other treatments. It can prevent and treat athletes foot, stop foot fungus, and improve dry cracked heels. Hands and feet love neem oil!

For your hand that have dry, split cuticles on your fingers it will be healed significantly if you use neem oil on a regular basis. So make your own hand and foot cream with neem oil by adding it to a carrier lotion as a base. Any kind of unscented lotion will do, or if you prefer something with additional hydration, a virgin organic coconut oil mixed with neem oil is perfect for the tough skin on hands and feet.

At night coat your hands and feet in this mixture, then cover with lightweight cotton socks. When you wake up in the morning you’ll be so glad you did! Smoother, softer extremities are going to be your reward.

Hair Is Tamed With Neem Oil 


neem oil for hair
Hair and scalp is another area of the body that can benefit from neem oil. It creates healthy hair growth and for centuries has been used on people that have hair loss. People from India originated this treatment for both their men and women suffering bald patches, either from aging or stress. Use this oil on your scalp to promote healthy strands for long luscious hair, faster re-growth, and a reduction in bald spots.  

For frizzy hair neem oil can also tame that problem better than traditionally used silicones that can build up on your hair making it lifeless and dull. Use a couple of drops mixed with a hair gel for hair that is smooth as silk. It will even allow the natural wave pattern in the hair to appear less frizzy. After using this often, your hair will be moisturized and renewed.


Dandruff Is Reduced 

Another great reason to use neem oil on the hair and scalp is to prevent dandruff. The itchy, flaky scalp that are symptoms of the dandruff is tackled by using the oil on a regular basis. The way that it will best fight dandruff is that if you directly mix up your own shampoo with it. This is so much more effective than regular dandruff shampoo.

Find a gentle shampoo that is best for your hair type. Even those people with color treated hair can use this treatment. It won’t fade or damage your hair color in any way. You want a ratio of ¾ shampoo to ¼ worth of neem oil. Pour both the shampoo and neem oil into another bottle and mix it together. Shake the bottle each time you use it to make sure the oil and shampoo are properly mixed together. Then just use as you normally would a shampoo for all your dandruff problems.


Lice In Children and Adults 

neem oil for lice
This is an unpleasant subject to talk about, but neem oil can also prevent lice in children and adults. It’s been used as an anti-pesticide for as long as it’s been in existence. The reason that neem oil is better to use is that it’s not full of the harmful chemicals in most over the counter treatments. Especially when considering a child’s delicate head, it’s important to think about everything you use on them. 

The neem oil contains azadirachtin which is an insecticidal component.The way that you use neem oil to stop the growth of lice is by making a home treatment with olive oil as your carrier. A ten percent mixture of neem oil with the olive oil is going to work very well. Coat the entire head paying special attention to the scalp areas. Comb through from root to tips and leave on for at least an hour. Cover with a shower cap if you need to. Do this everyday for a month or two until the infestation is gone completely.

Lice is nothing to be ashamed of, and can spread easily in children in their school environments. It’s predominant mostly in the southern parts of the United States where the climate is warmer year-round. If your child gets lice, talk to their pediatrician before trying any home treatment, but once you get the go ahead to use neem oil, you’ll find that it clears up the problem with ease.

You Can Use It For Pets Too

neem oil insecticide
Did you know that pets can use neem oil too? Pet skin conditions and bugs that bother them, like fleas, can be avoided with making neem oil a part of their grooming routine. You want your pets to be as healthy as possible and sometimes the shampoos, soaps, and flea control products in the pet stores can contain harsh chemicals. You don’t want to hurt little “Fido” or “Fluffy” with their grooming products.

Using an all natural treatment for your pet is better for their health and wellbeing. Mites and ticks will find a strong aversion to the scent and properties of the neem oil. So add it into your pet’s shampoo for a long lasting treatment and a healthy shiny coat in your beloved animals.

Storing Your Neem Oil

Neem oil should be stored in a cool, dry place. It will last opened for at least a year. You don’t have to worry about the neem oil being too fragile. The oil might get solid when stored at too cold of temperatures, but it will liquify when heated gently. If you find that it’s getting congealed, just run the bottle under a little warm water to make it liquid again. This won’t hurt the oil in any way and will be ready to use immediately.

The reason we put our neem oil at RejuveNaturals in an amber colored bottles is that the dark bottle is going to protect the oil better from light and heat. That’s just one of the ways all of our natural organic oils is presented better to the consumer.


One More Note On Our Products

You see that little bunny label on all our products? It’s adorable, right? What that cute rabbit stands for is that none of our products have ingredients that are tested on animals. We’re proud to bring you the highest quality oils that didn’t cause harm to any living creatures during the creation process.


Where To Buy Neem Oil

where to buy neem oilPurchase your neem oil only from a trusted source, like RejuveNaturals. We offer 4 oz bottles of neem oil for less than $15. You can even get a discount on each bottle you purchase, if you sign up for the subscription service.

This service will deliver you fresh bottles of our organic certified neem oil right to your door in one, two, or three month increments. You never have to worry about running out of these beauty oils again. Trust us, once you start exploring all the ways that neem oil can improve your hair, skin, and facial health you’ll never want to be without a little amber bottle again. Put it by your bedside, or in your bathroom vanity for a multi-purpose product you are going to use everyday.