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Organic Lemon Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

Lemon is one of those scents that people just adore. Its bright, citrus, sunny punch can have a powerful impact on your beauty routine and lifestyle in general. As a cold pressed essential oil, lemon has many benefits and uses. Once you discover this fact, you are going to wonder how you lived without using those little drops of invigorating energy for so long. Of course, you probably know whether you are a fan of lemon because it’s the type of citrus fruit that people have strong feelings about. They either love it or dislike the lemon in general.

When you are a person who appreciate lemon in any form, finding the right essential oil is a good idea, since it’s useful in so many ways. RejuveNaturals has “Certified Organic 100 Percent Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.” Lemon is just one of our best selling essential oils that is an amazing multi-tasker. Discovering multiple ways to incorporate this oil into a healthy lifestyle is going to bring you terrific results.

Where Lemon Is Sourced From

The lemon tree itself is considered an evergreen. That means it grows year round to produce the beautiful lemon fruit once a year, depending on the climate. It thrives in warm, sunny areas that will allow the fruit to flourish. A young lemon tree that is newly planted isn’t going to yield fruit for a few years, but after that you can look forward to the sunny fruit year after year. No one truly knows where the lemon tree comes from, but there are indicators that its origin is in Asia, around Northeast India or China.

There are many different varieties of lemon, but the ones most grown in the United States around California are the “Bonnie Brae” kind, which are larger and oval shaped. Meyer lemons are another type that are slightly less acidic, smaller, and can withstand cold temperatures. They were first grown in the United States in 1908 and were named after Frank Meyer who brought this special variety to our shores. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization believes that around 15 tons of lemons are produced around the world each year. That’s a lot of lemons for lovers of this little fruit to enjoy!


Mental Health Benefits


There are so many health benefits that can be received with lemon oil that it’s hard to decide what to do with this little wonder first. In the aromatherapy category, lemon oil has been known to elevate mood levels. The bright, citrus scent can be used in a room diffuser to push the aroma throughout your air, so that you can deeply breathe in its benefits. This will also cleanse the air in your home especially if you have pets, people who smoke, or any other kind of funky odors permeating your living space. Once you start infusing the air with lemon essential oil, you’ll notice right away how much fresher smelling your environment will be.

Another benefit to the lemon is that it promotes vitality by increasing your alertness and concentration. So in a home office area, or where your kids do their homework are also good places to have this oil present. It’s amazing for energy levels as a quick pick me up throughout your day when you find your stamina is waning.

Lemon oil has also been known to alleviate anxiety levels. If you find that your thoughts are getting muddled throughout the day, or your heart is racing, take a few moments to dab a bit of the oil on your pulse points, including the wrists, back of the knees, and behind the ears. You’ll find that after a few deep breaths, taking in the scent of the oil will allow your senses to calm down and you’ll feel less frazzled.


Physical Ailments Lemon Helps


If you have a sore throat, it’s lemon oil to the rescue! You can blend a couple of drops into hot tea, or even just warm water with honey to soothe a irritated throat. This is a remedy that has been used for centuries to help with a scratchy throat naturally. It’s anti-bacterial as well because of low pH levels, so when you use lemon, it’s going to boost your immune system.

Another physical ailment that lemon oil can aid is tummy troubles. When you have a sour stomach, indigestion, or cramping use a few drops in a glass of water to tackle this issue. It certainly tastes much better than any bottle of antacid you might buy in the drugstore. The reason that lemon works for stomach problems is that it’s considered a “carminative” which is an herb that can relieve gas pain.

As a total body cleanse there is nothing better than lemon oil. By drinking a few drops with water all day long, it’s going to cleanse out your system in a natural way. It benefits all of your organs including your liver, kidneys, and bladder functions to be able to do their job more effectively within the body.

Beauty Boosts With Lemon Oil 

The beauty boosts with lemon oil are endless! It’s a great exfoliator when you add a few drops to your own homemade beauty products. Add a few drops of the lemon oil to chunky salt or sugar granules, with a tablespoon of Certified Organic Argan Oil from RejuveNaturals to make your own exfoliation body treatment. You want the consistency of your at home spa product to be an easy to manipulate paste. Store it in a glass jar to use whenever you feel like you need to de-flake your skin in the shower or bath.

You can also add a few drops of lemon essential oil to a carrier lotion or even just coconut oil to smooth all over the skin. It will help to smooth, detoxify, and hydrate the skin.

When you use lemon oil with your face wash it’s going to act as an astringent on the skin, making it brighter, more renewed, and reinvigorated every time you cleanse your face.


Blends Well With Other Essential Oils

Another terrific benefit about lemon essential oil is that it blends beautifully with other essential oils. You can make up your own customized mixes for your beauty routine, or to use around your home in diffusers. Peppermint oil, lavender, rosemary, and sandalwood are just a few that go very well with lemon oil.


Expert Cleaning Using Lemon 

Cleaning with lemon oil is a use that has been happening in homes for thousands of years. The reason being is that lemon is a natural disinfectant. You can basically use it on any surface of your home. You can create your own multi-purpose cleanser by combining 10 drops of lemon oil, 1 cup of water, and 1 cup of vinegar into a spray bottle. Kitchen counters, bathroom surfaces, and even floors can be cleaned with this mixture.

Adding a few drops of lemon oil to each of your laundry loads when the water is filling up in the machine is another way to gain its benefits. The lemon scent is going to disinfect and freshen up each load of clothing you wash. This is especially helpful on towels, gym socks, and bedding.

Our RejuveNaturals Essential Lemon Oil 

Buy the highest quality lemon essential oil you can find. You don’t have to worry about that with RejuveNaturals. The process by which we create the oil is vital to its potency. We cold press the peels of the lemon which allows the oil to retain all its natural properties. Come discover all the wonderful ways to use our Certified Organic Lemon Essential Oil at RejuveNaturals today.