Knocking on Heaven’s Door: The Lifesaving Properties of Pomegranate Seed Oil

Andrew Prince

In Greek mythology, the pomegranate was the fruit that doomed the beautiful Persephone to six months in the underworld as Hades’ chosen queen and partner (a story that explained the annual transition between summer and winter). It was a rule of the Fates that anyone who consumed food or drink in the underworld of the afterlife was destined to remain there. Some Jewish scholars believe that the pomegranate was in fact the real forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden; Hinduism likewise reveres the pomegranate, citing it as a favorite fruit of Durga, the ten-armed goddess of retribution and justice.[i]...

Organic Carrot Seed Oil: The Real Reason that Bugs Bunny Never Ages

Andrew Prince

Mom was right about this one, too. Carrots are extremely healthful for your eyes, given that they’re chock-full of Vitamin A and carotenoids (the name of that doesn’t seem like such a coincidence anymore). You can return the favor by sharing all of the equally spectacular advantages of carrot seed oil, advising her on its ability to rejuvenate skin, eliminate intestinal worms, remove toxins from the body, protect from macular degeneration, and even regulate obstructed menstrual cycles! You could fairly call carrot seed oil the underdog of the essential oils, as it isn’t popularly marketed or even extremely well known....

Maracuja Oil: Gaining Popularity for Improved Health, Beauty… and Beauty Sleep!

Andrew Prince

You’ve probably heard of it as maracuja oil (or passion fruit oil); its botanical name is passiflora edulis in reference to the beautiful exotic fruit from which it is extracted. Characterized by its delightfully light texture, rich moisturizing properties, and antioxidant benefits, maracuja oil is not as well-known as other respective oils. Nevertheless, it has been gaining popularity as news of its enriching benefits spreads, and it is widely commended for its therapeutic and cosmetic properties alike. Here are just a handful of easy ways to sprinkle a bit of this effective oil into your daily beauty and wellness regime....

The Secret Powers of Safflowers Your Mother Forgot to Mention

Andrew Prince

The safflower plant is an unusual breed, with a ruggedly beautiful, thistle-reminiscent, sunset-colored one- to five-headed blossoms and its one deep, stubborn taproot that enables it to survive even in arid environments with seasonal rains. As one of humanity’s oldest crops, it has long been cherished for its kaleidoscope of uses: ancient Egyptians used it for dyes, Greeks grew it for medicinal purposes, and Asian producers used it to flavor foods and create red and yellow dyes. During the last half century, however, safflower oil has made its official debut as a commercial vegetable oil, extracted from the plant’s seeds....

Opening the Door to Your Personal Wellbeing: Organic Sesame Oil

Andrew Prince

Cultivated for thousands of years, the sesame plant is believed to be the world’s oldest plant used as an oil; the oil itself is derived from the plant’s flat, nutty seeds. Allegedly, sesame was used by ancient Egyptians for medicinal purposes and by ancient Greek and Roman soldiers as an energizing snack. The Chinese prized this oil for its beneficial culinary and medicinal uses, and even used it as an ingredient to create ink. Today, sesame oil is still used for a tremendous variation of purposes. Most commonly, it is found in cuisines worldwide, used in massage practices, favored as...



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